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You did it

Posted on: September 26th, 2012 by teamlpac

With your help we’re knocking all of our goals out of the park! In August the LPAC board offered a challenge: contribute $50,000 for Tammy Baldwin and we’ll match it. You went above and beyond! We ended up giving $112,000 to support Tammy’s historic race for Senate. Thank you!

Two weeks ago we asked for your help to make marriage equality a reality in Maine. We set the bar at $25,000, and because of you LPAC raised $40,000 for the team on the ground in Maine!

Because of your support and generosity, LPAC is quickly emerging as a real force in American politics. Because of your support and generosity, lesbians and their families are gaining a true voice in politics. Please help us keep up the momentum.

Yesterday you learned why the Michigan Supreme Court was an important campaign for LPAC. Please continue to help LPAC reach its goals. If we get 500 donors in the next 4 hours, LPAC board member, Alix Ritchie will donate $5,000 toward the Michigan Supreme Court effort. We’re nearly halfway there, but we need you to step up, donate, and ask 5 friends to match your contribution.

Need a refresher on LPAC and the Michigan Supreme Court? Check out our infographic:

I know we can count on you to help. Click here to commit to helping us reach—and exceed—another LPAC goal. 
Yours in the fight,

Sarah Schmidt
Chair, LPAC

It’s About Justice.

Posted on: September 25th, 2012 by teamlpac

Though we don’t think about it every day, state Supreme Courts play a huge role in our lives. From rulings on our families to our bodies to our workplaces, judges have the power to rule in favor of–or against–important issues that directly impact us everyday.

Right now we have a unique opportunity to help flip the Michigan State Supreme Court to be progressive–pro-woman, pro-family, pro-LGBT, pro-LPAC–until the year 2020!

How? By supporting the on-the-ground campaign for three strong women candidates with a solid track record on issues important to our families, our communities, and LPAC.

Why does the Michigan Supreme Court matter to LPAC? LPAC supports furthering social, racial, and economic justice for all Americans. And that’s exactly what a new, progressive majority on the Michigan Supreme Court would do. In the coming months and years, we expect the Michigan Supreme Court to hear multiple cases on a woman’s right to choose, adoption and custody concerns for gay parents, and other important social justice issues.

If the Michigan Supreme Court had a progressive and fair majority, we could look forward to powerful, pro-LPAC rulings in the next 8 years.

We’ve set a goal of getting 500 donors in the next 24 hours. I’m stepping up to be donor #1. I’m counting on you to help us reach our goal of 500. Let’s do all we can to ensure the Michigan Supreme Court bench is home to progressive and fair justices. 

Let’s do this!
Sarah Schmidt
, Chair, LPAC

NOM is coming after Maine. With a vengeance.

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by teamlpac

Remember NOM? The so-called “National Organization for Marriage,” NOM is the most virulent, well-funded of our anti-gay opponents. NOM is coming after our friends in Maine, with a vengeance. Marriage equality is on the ballot in Maine, and LPAC is proud to support the campaign.


55 days

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by teamlpac

Marriage equality is on the ballot in Maine this November. But it’s much more than that. Maine would be the first state to proactively pass marriage equality by a public vote. With just 55 days between now and the election, LPAC must step up to support Maine. We’re aiming to raise $25,000 in a week. Will you help?


Photos: LPAC at the DNC

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by teamlpac

LPAC Advisory Board members are in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Democratic National Convention. We’ll be updating our Facebook album throughout the week!