Re: Your victory

Re: Your victory

Posted on: November 7th, 2012 by teamlpac

Big news: We’ve won marriage equality in Washington state! Thank you for your generous support of this campaign. LPAC is beyond thrilled to see that across the board, Americans have approved marriage equality this Election Day–in Washington, Maine, and Maryland, and rejected an anti-marriage equality initiative in Minnesota. The tide is truly turning for equality.

Not to mention our first pro-marriage President reelected, Elizabeth Warren–our first female US Senator from Massachusetts, and Tammy Baldwin, our first openly gay US Senator ever, were elected. Plus, LPAC candidate Oregon State Rep. Tina Kotek defeated her opponent, setting her up to now become the first openly lesbian speaker of any statehouse in the country!

And in Michigan, where LPAC supported an independent expenditure effort to elect three pro-LPAC female justices, we saw a win for Bridget Mary McCormack, a social justice advocate who we know will protect our families. Michigan Supreme Court candidates Judge Shelia Johnson and Judge Connie Marie Kelley, who we supported, were unsuccessful. But in a set of races where millions of outside special interest dollars was funneled in to defeat these three women, LPAC is proud of all three candidates.

We are so thrilled to have worked with you in these last few months to achieve so many victories for LPAC’s values across the country.

I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together as Team LPAC! Thank you for your work so far! Make a contribution to 2013 and beyond here.

Go Team LPAC!


Our Team.