LPAC Stands with Planned Parenthood

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LPAC Stands with Planned Parenthood

Posted on: July 31st, 2015 by teamlpac


July 30, 2015 — Beth Shipp, Executive Director at LPAC, released the following statement:

As an organization focused on building community and mobilizing the political power of lesbian and queer woman, we see the false and misleading attacks on Planned Parenthood as dangerous to all women – many of whom rely on Planned Parenthood for their health and wellbeing.

LPAC believes firmly that reproductive rights are LGBTQ rights and is proud to stand with Planned Parenthood.

The deceitful accusations being made by anti-choice extremists are despicable. But what is worse is that the health of millions of women is at risk because politicians in Congress and across the country – including those running for President – are using these misleading accusations to support an attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.

LPAC will continue to fight for the 2.7 million Americans – including countless lesbians and queer women – who rely on Planned Parenthood every year.

LPAC Board Chair Laura Ricketts added, “Any attempt to defund Planned Parenthood will result in millions of women and men losing access to basic health care. Many of the people Planned Parenthood serves each year are LGBTQ men and women, and many are on the margins of society. For them, Planned Parenthood provides basic preventive health care lifesaving cancer screenings, well-woman exams, birth control, and STD testing and treatment. This may be a political talking point for some, but for the individuals Planned Parenthood serves, it’s quite literally their lives and health that are at stake.”




LPAC builds the political power of lesbians by electing candidates who champion LGBTQ rights, women’s equality, and social justice. Since it’s founding in 2012, LPAC has grown into an influential grassroots political action committee, with members in 47 states and the District of Columbia. LPAC has raised over $2 million since 2012, and has invested in more than 40 races and independent expenditure campaigns throughout the country.

LPAC Board Member Alix Ritche’s Provincetown Banner Article on Marriage Equality

Posted on: July 2nd, 2015 by teamlpac

The below was an article written by LPAC board member Alix Ritche for the Provincetown Banner on July 2, 2015:

“It is so ordered.”

What powerful words. Powerful words following Justice Anthony Kennedy’s conclusion in the decision of the US Supreme Court that laws denying same-sex couples the right to marry violate the ‘due process’ and ‘equal protection’ guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution:

“The Court, in this decision, holds same-sex couples may exercise the fundamental right to marry in all States…. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization’s oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.”

It takes your breath away.

Just as it took my breath away the first time I heard someone say: “By the power invested in me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I now pronounce you married.”

We need to thank those who worked so hard to bring about this legal victory, and while many groups will help us celebrate, the organizations that did the hard legal work are GLAD, Lambda Legal, ACLU, NCLR and Freedom to Marry. In particular, Evan Wolfson who argued the first case in Hawaii and founded Freedom to Marry which has been dedicated to changing the hearts and minds of Americans about same gender marriage. And Mary Bonauto, GLAD’s Civil Rights Project director and the architect of the legal strategy that got us here; it is no surprise that Barney Frank called her “our movement’s Thurgood Marshall.” It was so very appropriate that she was the attorney to argue Obergefell before the U.S. Supreme Court – and win a decision in which, as she observed, “ today they made marriage equality the law of the land.” She will be here in Provincetown at the end of July at GLAD’s traditional Summer Party at the Monument, and I for one hope the applause is heard all the way to the canal and beyond. (Personal disclosure: I am a proud member of the GLAD board).

But when the applause has wafted off across the water, we know we have many future battles to win on the way to real equality – not just in employment and housing, but to protect this particular victory as well.

Because it seems that no civil rights battle is ever really won, be it racial equality, women’s equality or LGBTQ equality. The sorry truth is that, despite our vaunted claim to be “the land of the free,” there are so many people in this country who do not believe in equality and seek to undermine it determinedly and continuously—and sometime violently. As President Obama so movingly reminded us in his eulogy in Charleston, we are destined to have to continue to fight for what, by right, should not be denied.

So, let us cheer and applaud, but let us also rededicate ourselves with new-found strength to assuring that, when it comes to equality, “ it is so ordered” means exactly that.