What Team LPAC Is Thankful for in 2015

What Team LPAC Is Thankful for in 2015

Posted on: November 25th, 2015 by teamlpac

Marriage equality

Although it was at the top of our list, it should come as no surprise that your fellow Team LPAC supporters wanted this landmark decision to have an encore. Since it’s something we all just can’t seem to get enough of, check out all the great wedding images that were sent to us on decision day this year. Clearly, these LPAC friends and family wear marriage equality quite well.


The U.S. Supreme Court

How can you applaud the marriage equality decision without recognizing the people who made it happen? Still, we mustn’t forget that the decision was split — meaning we can’t take anything for granted. It’s essential that our next President (Hillary Clinton we hope!) upholds the progressive values that will ensure the continued advancement of LGBTQ and women’s rights. Our beloved Notorious RBG and others will need successors at some point. Our best chance of making sure SCOTUS continues to hand down decisions that make our lives better is to make sure the next Appointer-in-Chief truly believes in liberty and justice for ALL.


President Barak Obama

He has moved this country forward to reflect our ideals which make us a more perfect union against constant negative forces tied to a hateful past. Agreed. Let’s commit to ensuring that his legacy is intact as of November 9, 2016!


LPAC Beth and AnniseAnnise Parker

The Mayor of Houston is unflappable and a true shero! Despite the negative outcome for HERO (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance) Mayor Parker immediately got back to work to ensure HERO returns to the ballot refined and reworked to attract greater support upon its second vote, backed by a strong, clear narrative to effectively combat all the negative chatter that saw the original ordinance defeated by its opponents earlier this month.


Our Friends and Families

Whether they be born or chosen these are the people who make holidays all the more special. We have “all the feels” about ours and hope you do, too.



Our Team.