LPAC Adds Four New Candidates To Support in the Homestretch To November

LPAC Adds Four New Candidates To Support in the Homestretch To November

Posted on: August 24th, 2018 by Team LPAC


Washington, DC (August 23, 2018) — LPAC, the only organization devoted to building the political power of LGBTQ women, today adds four more candidates to its 2018 slate. These latest endorsements – for federal office representing New York, as well as local races in Washington State, Texas, and Pennsylvania – are key in our national goal of elevating women’s equality and social justice.

“It’s crunch time,” said LPAC executive director Stephanie Sandberg. “Now is when we must show up for our endorsed candidates who will push for women’s equality, social justice and the rights of the LGBTQ community in their effort to win in November. We at LPAC are happy to report that these leaders fit the bill, and we are excited to support them down the homestretch to Election Day.”

Find the rest of our endorsements at TeamLPAC.com.

Tracy Mitrano for US House of Representatives, New York’s 23rd District

Mitrano is a lifelong New Yorker, a lawyer, and holds a PhD in American History. An expert in cybersecurity – she spent 13 years as director of information technology policy at Cornell – Mitrano, an openly LGBTQ woman, is running on a platform that defends not only international digital security, but also women’s reproductive rights, healthcare access, and amending the Civil Rights Act to outlaw LGBTQ discrimination. LPAC voted to endorse Tracy Mitrano because her experience and her values align with our mission to uphold the rights of LGBTQ women.

Claire Wilson for Washington State Senate, 30th District

Wilson is a retired educator. She is currently serving board president on the Federal Way Public School Board, her second term there. Wilson is openly LGBTQ and her platform aligns with LPAC’s values. Her key campaign issues are ensuring schools are fully funded and effective, improving transportation infrastructure, and making healthcare more affordable. LPAC is thrilled to endorse a candidate who will push for the rights of all Washingtonians.

Julie Johnson for Texas State House of Representatives, 115th District

Openly LGBTQ attorney Julie Johnson is running for her first public office seat. Her platform is focused on equality, education, bail bond reform, and fair wages. Johnson, also endorsed by organizations including the Human Rights Campaign, Planned Parenthood of Texas, and and Victory Fund, is a top-notch candidate who will work for equality of opportunity for Texans. LPAC wholeheartedly endorses her candidacy.

Kristin Seale: Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 168th District

Kristin Seale is a school board director on the Rose Tree Media School Board, and a former employee of the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance, a state energy nonprofit. Openly queer, Seale’s platform is focused on single-payer healthcare, a $15 minimum wage, and workplace protections for LGBTQ people. She was a Bernie Sanders delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Her values align with ours, and LPAC is proud to endorse her candidacy to represent Pennsylvania’s 168th district in the state’s House of Representatives.


About LPAC:

LPAC builds the political power of LGBTQ women by electing candidates who champion LGBTQ rights, women’s equality and social justice. LPAC achieves its mission by increasing the political power and engagement of LGBTQ women and their allies.

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