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Your victory

Posted on: November 7th, 2012 by teamlpac

WOW! I’ve never been more proud of everyone on Team LPAC. Tonight was a banner night, and I can’t wait for us to keep up the momentum.

Because of your help, President Barack Obama will serve out another term (four more years of pro-LPAC values in the White House!), the Democrats will retain control of the Senate, and will be joined by LPAC endorsed candidates, Tammy Baldwin — a champion for social justice who will now be the first openly gay US Senator — and the uncompromising LPAC ally Elizabeth Warren. LPAC also took home big wins in Maine, making marriage equality a reality for the first time ever via ballot, and in Florida, protecting critical reproductive rights.

Not only that, but we’ve seen incredible wins with LPAC candidates across the country. US Rep. Donna Edwards –a leading advocate fighting violence against women– protected her seat, and Vermont reelected strong LGBT and women’s rights supporter Governor Shumlin.

Votes are still being counted for marriage equality in Washington State, and I can’t help but hope that the generous donation LPAC gave in the final days will ensure victory in Washington. We also await final results for the MichiganSupreme Court races, and Oregon Rep. Tina Kotek‘s race as well.


We have a lot to be proud of. This was LPAC’s very first election cycle. We got up and running in July,we raised over $700,000, we played significantly in races across the country, and WE WON!

As a grassroots, first of its kind, lesbian-focused Political Action Committee, LPAC made a historic, audible impact in the 2012 cycle – and we are just getting started!! Be part of this incredible movement; make a commitment now to be on Team LPAC in 2013. With your help LPAC is ready to ramp up for 2013 and beyond right now. 


Thank you so much. Let’s celebrate and keep our eyes on next year!
Sarah Schmidt, Chair, LPAC

PS: Check out our VICTORY: LPAC Facebook images here!

Making an impact

Posted on: October 31st, 2012 by teamlpac

I’m so excited to announce that Karen from Ohio has won the Olivia vacation package! Partnering with Olivia Travel to support the Washington United for Marriage campaign was amazing–because of your help we’re delivering $55,000 to the campaign today! With the elections less than a week away, we’re launching our Voter Guide, and it’s easy to see the huge impact LPAC has already made.


When we launched in July, we had a little more than a dream: to give lesbians a real and meaningful seat at the table. We got to work quickly. We connected with thousands of lesbians and allies across the country, we enlisted the best political strategists from the women’s and LGBT movements, and began our work. The next step is getting out the vote. But let’s take a moment to reflect on the awesome accomplishments of the last few months:


Since July, you and LPAC have raised over $650,000! With your help we’ve given over $200,000 to supportTammy Baldwin, who has a great shot at becoming the FIRST openly gay US Senator. With your help we’ve given nearly $100,000 to two important marriage equality fights in Maine and Washington. With your help we’ve contributed tens of thousands to fend off anti-choice attacks in Florida and support pro-LPAC Michigan Supreme Court candidates. With your help we’ve supported the President’s re-election, the protection of the pro-LPAC Democratic majority in the US Senate, and pro-LPAC US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, Vermont Gov. Shumlin, US Rep. Donna Edwards of Maryland, and Oregon state legislator Tina Kotek, who could make history this year by becoming the first openly lesbian speaker of any statehouse in the country.


That’s what I call making an impact. That’s what I call a seat at the table.


Help us keep up the momentum: VOTE! Our brand-new Voter Guide has everything you need to know to help us support the candidates on LPAC’s slate. We’ve also got a great tool that will help you find your polling place — share it all with your friends.


Let’s get out the vote! Go Team LPAC!
Sarah Schmidt
Chair, LPAC


PS: It’s not too late to contribute, with less than a week to go we’re helping campaigns across the country gear up for Nov. 6. Give here.


Posted on: October 13th, 2012 by teamlpac

I’m going to say it: historic. Openly lesbian Tammy Baldwin’s run for U.S. Senate is historic. LPAC, as a first of its kind PAC focused on lesbians, is historic. And the amount of money you’ve helped us raise in a little over 48 hours for Tammy Baldwin? Also historic! Because of your help, we will be contributing another $100,000 in support of Tammy Baldwin! Coupled with our previous $112,000 contribution, this one of the biggest visible pro-lesbian contributions ever!

LPAC’s $212,000 contribution has already gone a long way in helping support Tammy Baldwin on critical TV ads in her district. Polling shows this race is close, but that winning can be in our reach. I’m so proud to do this work, and even prouder that you and thousands of other women and men, gay and straight, across the country, are doing this work with me and LPAC. Thank you!

We’ve also got another big announcement:

The LPAC Board recently voted to give donations to two very important Federal PACs:  the Majority PAC and Priorities USA Action.  The Majority PAC is fighting to protect the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, and is backing important LPAC candidates Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren. Priorities USA Action is the super PAC backing the reelection of President Obama. Both PACs are committed to the values of LPAC, including protecting women’s health, LGBT rights, and social and economic justice. This effort was supported by a generous donation to LPAC by Advisory Board Member Laura Ricketts.

And on Monday we’ll be launching an exciting online grassroots campaign I hope you’ll be a part of. I can’t wait!

Talk to you soon,
Sarah Schmidt
Chair, LPAC

PS: With only 24 days between now and the election, if you’d like to make a contribution to LPAC to support our strong slate of campaigns and candidates, please click here.

19 hours left for Tammy! A special message from EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock

Posted on: October 11th, 2012 by teamlpac

EMILY’s List President & LPAC supporter Stephanie Schriock here. I’m taking the time to write to you because here at EMILY’s List we are so proud to be partnering with LPAC in our support of Tammy Baldwin! And I’m hoping you can help us with the LPAC Tammy Baldwin Challenge —only 19 hours left!


It’s incredible to partner with you and LPAC on our WOMEN VOTE! campaign for Tammy Baldwin. With your help, so far we’ve now aired hundreds of ads across the state, and are on the air right now. But we need your help again to make sure our pro-Tammy message is on the airwaves like a drumbeat between now and November 6th. Our partnership with LPAC and other progressive PACs is what helps us ensure that everyone out there on Team Tammy is strategic and thoughtful with their dollars. Being able to plug in support from LPAC has tremendously helped our WOMEN VOTE! Tammy Baldwin campaign.


But so far, Tammy’s opponent, Tommy Thompson, and his right wing millionaire friends, have spent over $10 million slamming Tammy on TV. They will continue to funnel millions of dollars into divisive anti-Tammy attack ads. $1.2 million this week, next week could be even more. This is really the last chance for us to make an impact for Tammy’s race.

LPAC is just 19 hours away from its deadline. In the past day you and other LPAC supporters across America have given an astounding $72,000 to take down anti-women, anti-gay Tommy Thompson, and make sure that Tammy Baldwin wins the race for US Senate. We’ve never needed your help more urgently. Your $20 donation is $40. Your $75 donation is $150. And your $1,000 donation is $2,000. You only have until tomorrow morning to help Tammy. Donate now.



So glad to be in this together!
-Stephanie Schriock
EMILY’s List President & LPAC Supporter

48 hours to help Tammy Baldwin

Posted on: October 10th, 2012 by teamlpac

YOU did it! We couldn’t be prouder: because of you, we’ll be delivering $30,000 to the No On 6 campaign in Florida to stop anti-choice extremists in their tracks! There’s another important race that LPAC needs your help with:  Just this week, right wing groups behind Tammy Baldwin’s anti-women, anti-gay opponent Tommy Thompson will spend $1.2 million attacking Tammy. The attacks against Tammy won’t stop coming, they will intensify.

That’s why LPAC Board Members Laura Ricketts, Alix Ritchie, and I have a challenge for you and all of our supporters: give $50,000 in 48 hours, and we’ll match it. Thompson is anti-women. He’s anti-gay. And he and his right wing millionaire friends are attacking Tammy left and right. They’re buying up hours and hours of advertising in prime time, all across her district. Distorting the airwaves with inaccuracies about who Tammy is and what she’ll do.

Every dollar you give in the next 48 hours will be matched.

We were overwhelmed with positive support–and donations–when we announced our support Tammy Baldwin this August. Thanks to your generosity, LPAC has already contributed $112,000 in support of Tammy. The conversations we’ve had with supporters like you across the country have made it clear: time and time again, you want to do MORE to support Tammy Baldwin. With the right wing spending $1.2 million dollars just this week to make sure Tammy never makes it to office, she needs you now more than ever.

I don’t have to tell you how crucial Tammy Baldwin’s race is. You know it. Tammy’s got a great shot at being the first openly gay member of the US Senate. She’s an amazing politician who stands strong for LPAC’s values on women’s health, LGBT rights, social, racial, and economic justice. Simply put, Tammy’s win would be a national game-changer for lesbians and our allies. But she can’t win without our help.

I know we can do this together!!
Sarah Schmidt
Chair, LPAC

LPAC Donates $112k to Tammy Baldwin Effort; Announces 2012 Slate

Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by teamlpac

Contact: Sarah Kennedy

Ballot initiatives, pro-woman candidates to receive lesbian PAC’s support

August 23, 2012—Today LPAC, the first of its kind lesbian political action committee, contributed nearly $112,000 to EMILY’s List WOMEN VOTE! to defend Rep. Tammy Baldwin in her November election against anti-woman, anti-gay Tommy Thompson. The money will go toward buying television ads to educate voters in Wisconsin about Thompson’s record as a DC insider  more beholden to corporate interests than Wisconsin families. The buy began to air on August 17 and will continue through August 26, on broadcast and cable television in Milwaukee, LaCrosse, Wausau, and Green Bay.


“Tammy Baldwin embodies everything LPAC stands for. She has a history of protecting women’s rights and expanding issues of social justice. Rep. Baldwin is a staunch advocate for reproductive rights and wrote bills to expand both breast cancer screenings and hate crime laws, as well as measures to eliminate workplace discrimination,” said LPAC Chair Sarah Schmidt.


“In the wake of Republican Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin’s horrendous and clearly factually incorrect comments that victims of ‘legitimate rape’ don’t get pregnant because ‘the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down’ and the continuous anti-gay, anti-woman actions of many candidates and elected officials this election cycle, there isn’t a more critical time to elect candidates who are loud, proud voices for our values.”


If elected, Rep. Baldwin would be the first openly gay US Senator.


LPAC also announces the first round of its 2012 political slate. LPAC will support two critical ballot initiative campaigns: Mainers United for Marriage and Florida’s No On Amendment 6. If successful, Maine’s initiative would be the first pro-marriage equality ballot question to pass. Florida’s proposed amendment would strip away important reproductive freedoms for women in the state, and would intrude on private medical decisions between a woman and her doctor.


LPAC is a hybrid PAC, working to support both strategic independent expenditures and also support candidates directly. LPAC will directly support Elizabeth Warren in her US Senate race. Warren would be the first female Senator from Massachusetts, and a strong voice for women’s rights and social justice. Incumbent US Rep. Donna Edwards, of Maryland, will also receive support. A leading advocate for women and domestic violence protections, Rep. Edwards is also a leader on marriage equality.


On the statewide level, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin will receive LPAC’s backing: “As Senate President, Shumlin led the effort to pass marriage equality in Vermont. First passing the bill and then over turning a Governor’s veto, and we’re glad to support allies who will help our voices be heard,” Schmidt said.


LPAC will support three strong candidates for Michigan’s Supreme Court: Bridget Mary McCormack, Judge Connie Marie Kelley, and Judge Shelia Johnson. Legal issues concerning economic justice, LGBT people, and women’s rights are expected to go before the Michigan Supreme Court in the imminent future, making the election of fair-minded justices crucial.


LPAC is working with both women’s and LGBT political organizations in order to be most strategic and effective with its resources.


After decades of being a small subset of players in women’s rights and LGBT rights political efforts, the women of LPAC are stepping up to get organized like never before, aiming to give lesbians a real and meaningful seat at the table. With significant resources, LPAC plans to make a true impact for lesbians in the 2012 election cycle and beyond.


LPAC’s values include:

-Ending discriminatory treatment of LGBT individuals and their families;

-Protecting access to reproductive freedom and quality healthcare; and,

-Furthering social, racial, and economic justice for all Americans.

LPAC is a political action committee dedicated to one goal:
influencing elections by giving lesbians a meaningful seat at the political table. @TeamLPAC |

Less than $5,000 to go!

Posted on: August 21st, 2012 by teamlpac

Politicians like Rep. Akin are attacking women every day. LPAC’s work couldn’t be more critical. We need your help for our Tammy Baldwin match challenge now more than ever. 

We’re just $4,458 away from our goal! Deadline tomorrow.

Tammy Baldwin needs LPAC. Now.

Posted on: August 14th, 2012 by teamlpac

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is running for Senate, and she needs our help immediately. This is an important and historic campaign: If elected, Tammy Baldwin would be the first openly gay member of the US Senate.  She is a champion of women’s rights, LGBT equality, and fights for poor and middle class Americans. And, she is under attack from anti-women, anti-choice, and anti-equality forces.

That’s why we, the LPAC Advisory Board, are offering up a $50,000 match challenge to you all, our Team LPAC supporters. Why? Because this race is hugely important to all of us.

Every dollar you give to help Tammy’s historic campaign, the LPAC board will match, up to $50,000:

Today Tammy’s opponents, four anti-gay, anti-choice men, are duking it out in the Republican primary to see who can be the most extreme. Tomorrow morning, Tammy will have a challenger, who will be able to spend 100% of his energy attacking her. Secret groups funded by the Koch brothers, the US Chamber of Commerce, and Karl Rove have already spent millions of dollars attacking Tammy. Because she stands up for women. Because she believes in economic justice. Because she’s a lesbian.


And she’s still standing strong. Polls are showing that she is in a dead heat against all her potential far-right opponents. Not only would Tammy’s win be a win for lesbians, for women, but for all fair, equality-minded Americans. This is must-hold seat for the pro-women Senate Democrats to keep control. In Washington, D.C., in state legislatures, and through ballot initiatives across the country, women’s rights are being taken away every day. Tammy’s voice and votes in the Senate will be instrumental in stopping this onslaught of attacks against women.

Tammy embodies everything LPAC stands for, and she needs our help to withstand the oncoming vicious daily attacks from her opponents. Click here to help Tammy Baldwin win! The LPAC Advisory Board will be matching all donations up to $50,000.

I hope you can help us reach the match goal and deliver $100k to Tammy Baldwin!
 This week, all contributions will go directly toward defending Tammy with strong TV ads.


Thank you all for being a part of Team LPAC!

-Sarah Schmidt
Chair & Treasurer, LPAC