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Posted on: October 15th, 2012 by teamlpac

One of my favorite things about LPAC–besides the change we are making for lesbians & our allies in politics–is YOU. You and our other supporters are what keeps me going, and it’s what keeps LPAC going. That’s why I’m asking you to join the LPAC movement by participating in I Am LPAC, our online visibility campaign!

Our I Am LPAC site features awesome videos, pictures, and great posters to print and take a photo with. One of my favorite posters is “I Stand for Equality. I AM LPAC.” Choose your favorite, print it out, post it on our Facebook page. Stand up and be counted, tell us why you are LPAC. Everything you need is up on iamlpac.com. It’s easy, check it out! You’ll also want to check out our videos from comedian Kate Clinton, musicians God-des & She, and more.

When the LPAC Advisory Board, including Urvashi Vaid, Laura Ricketts, and myself were talking about forming LPAC last year, we were most excited about building a movement. Be a part of the LPAC movement now! Show your support with I Am LPAC. Click here to show your LPAC love.

We ALL are LPAC!
Sarah Schmidt
Chair, LPAC

PS: Tomorrow is the second presidential debate! Will you be watching? Click here to get a watch reminder, and a link to watch virtually with LPAC on Twitter.

55 days

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by teamlpac

Marriage equality is on the ballot in Maine this November. But it’s much more than that. Maine would be the first state to proactively pass marriage equality by a public vote. With just 55 days between now and the election, LPAC must step up to support Maine. We’re aiming to raise $25,000 in a week. Will you help?



Posted on: July 13th, 2012 by teamlpac

Check out this video of LPAC on MSNBC: